Why Shoppers Of Premium EVOO Should Look For Single-Origin Oil

Jun 25, 2023

Why Shoppers Of Premium EVOO Should Look For Single-Origin Oil

Single-origin olive oil refers to oil that is produced from olives sourced exclusively from a single farm or producer. This means that all the olives used to make the oil come from a specific location, allowing for complete transparency regarding the oil's origin. On the other hand, non-single-origin oils may be blended from olives sourced from multiple farms or regions. We recently came across a very popular EVOO which label reads, “made of Koroneiki olives grown in southern Greece”.

The concept of single-origin olive oil emphasizes traceability and provides consumers with detailed information about where the olives were grown, the specific farm or producer responsible for cultivation, and often highlights unique characteristics of that particular region's olives, like, for example, the Tsabidolia variety Laurel & Flame Fresh is made of, that only grows in Ancient Olympia, the “single origin” of all of our oils. This transparency allows consumers to make informed decisions based on factors such as quality, flavor profile, and production practices.

By contrast, non-single-origin oils may be blended to create a desired taste or consistency and be a result of different agricultural and pressing practices of different farmers/producers. These blends can be sourced from various regions or even multiple countries, making it challenging to determine the exact origin and quality of the olives used. While non-single-origin oils can still be of high quality, they typically lack the specific origin information and the story behind the oil's production.

Both single-origin and non-single-origin olive oils have their merits, and it ultimately depends on personal preference and the level of transparency and traceability a consumer desires. Single-origin oils are often favored by those who appreciate the distinct flavors and characteristics associated with specific regions, as well as those who value supporting small-scale or artisanal producers. Non-single-origin oils, on the other hand, may be more readily available at lower price points due to larger-scale production and blending.

My Greek Basket prides itself that we offer only single-origin oils (by The Olive Temple) and year after year can easily stand by their easily traceable top quality and characteristics resulting in superior health effects associated with ultra-premium olive oils.