The story behind My Greek Basket.

​​Hi, I’m Victoria, self-confessed as ‘addicted to Greece’ and the Founder of My Greek Basket.  

I fell in love with Greece the first time I visited in 2014. With its rich culture, some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean and of course its unbeatable food and produce, my initial visit soon turned into an annual trip.  

 But I didn’t want to stop there, I wanted to bring this beautiful place and all it has to offer to my life beyond my yearly trips. My house gradually began to fill with illustrated books dedicated to Greece: Greek Islands, Greek Food, Greek Crafts and Greek History. I also wanted to recreate some of the incredible dishes and flavors I found on my holidays. But one thing I noticed was the produce I found labelled as ‘Greek’ outside of Greece didn’t meet the same authentic quality, taste and even health benefits.  

 The more trips I took to Greece, the more I could see exactly which items I missed the most while I was back home in the US in terms of them not being truly Greek. Having adopted the Greek (Mediterranean) diet, I found myself searching supermarket shelves or hunting the internet trying to find that olive oil which was so easily found in Greece in almost any taverna, to only be disappointed. It simply wasn’t the same. 

 I wanted to make the taste of Greece accessible, thus My Greek Basket was born.  

 This store was created to make top quality Greek produce available to everyone. Whether like myself you have travelled to Greece, you are still dreaming of going there, or you simply want to try the authentic flavors, needless to look further. My Greek Basket is also intended for those who look after their health by consuming as many organic, natural, sustainably sourced, and cruelty-free products as today’s world can offer.   

Ready to embark on your own Greek journey? Browse our range of products and bring a piece of Greece to your dinner table
or book a trip to Greece with us and give a start to some of the most amazing memories and start creating a Greek basket of your own! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

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