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Embrace Nature's Radiant Secret.

Discover the ultimate, nature-inspired beauty solution with our exceptional olive oil-infused cosmetics. Expertly crafted in our store, each product harnesses the power of olive oil, renowned for its nourishing, hydrating, and rejuvenating properties. This elixir of beauty seeps deep into your skin, effectively softening, illuminating, and enriching it from within. Experience the blend of traditional wisdom and modern science that not only enhances your skin's natural beauty but also pampers your senses, leaving you feeling irresistibly smooth and radiantly youthful.

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These remarkable pestemals, product of MAREORA, embody the finest characteristics of natural materials and craftsmanship. They are lightweight, stylish, and incredibly absorbent, able to soak up four times their weight. Crafted from 100% eco-friendly cotton, our Pestemals are not only soft but also become smoother and more absorbent with each wash. Whether you need a quick-drying towel for the beach or a handy accessory for your everyday life, our Pestemals have you covered. Available in a range of shapes and colors, these versatile, multi-purpose pieces fit seamlessly into your drawer, bag, or suitcase, ready to enhance your experiences at home or on the go.

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EVOO infused with rare
black truffle.

Nourish Your
Taste Buds.

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Flavored olive oil with
natural Fresh Basil.

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Bold Aroma.

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The fiery twist of
classic green olives.

Taste The Temptation.

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Kalamon olives.

Indulge in
Bold Flavor.

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Hand cream infused
with healing Aloe Vera.

Nurture Your
Gentle Touch.

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Olive oil-infused night cream
for rejuvenating sleep.

Embrace The
Night's Elixir.

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Olive oil-based day cream
for sustained glow.

Revel In Daily

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Aloe Vera body cream
for all-day hydration.

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About Us.

Welcome to My Greek Basket, your ultimate destination for the finest extra-virgin olive oil from Greece and the most fascinating Greek experiences.  

In 2021 one of our oils, Laurel & Flame Fresh by The Olive Temple, received the prestigious “Best Olive Oil in Greece” award at the Athena competition, beating out 390 other entries. We believe in offering only the best to our customers and our flagship product is a testament to that commitment. 

Our products are designed for those who demand the highest quality and are willing to pay a premium for organic, healthy, and top-quality olive oil. We cater to those who are passionate about Greece, its food, and its culture. Whether you are a frequent traveler or just dreaming of your next trip to the country, we have something special for you. 

We are also dedicated to serving those who follow a ketogenic, Mediterranean, or paleo diet. Olive oil is an essential ingredient in these healthy diets, and we provide only the finest quality to support your health and wellness goals. 

So, if you are ready to take your taste buds on a journey to Greece, embrace the healthy lifestyle, and taste the difference that ultra-premium olive oil can make, then My Greek Basket is the right place for you! 

Our Mission.

At My Greek Basket, we are on a mission to bring the authentic, rich flavors of Greece to your kitchen and beyond. Introducing the winner of “The Best Olive Oil in Greece” award at 2021 Athena competition to North America, we are committed to providing you with ultra-premium, organic and healthy products that truly embody the essence of Greece. 

We believe that food is so much more than just sustenance; it’s an experience, a connection to culture and a celebration of life. That’s why we source our products from the best growers and producers in Greece, ensuring that each and every bottle of our olive oil is of the highest quality. Whether you’re a frequent traveler to Greece, a lover of Mediterranean cuisine or simply looking for healthier, more flavorful food options, we are here to help. 

At My Greek Basket we believe that life is meant to be lived fully and with gusto. We’re passionate about sharing the best of Greece with you and helping you create new memories, new traditions and new experiences. So come, join us on this journey, and discover the true flavors of Greece! 

What Our Customers Say About Us:

Simply Amazing!

"I've been cooking with this oil, and it's completely transformed my dishes. It's ideal for salad dressings and marinades. Furthermore, the robust flavor is simply amazing!"

Sarah L.

Well Worth The Money.

"I was hesitant to try a more expensive olive oil, but after trying the product, I can say it is well worth the money. It's better than any other oil I've tried, and I can taste the quality difference."

Robert M.

Makes An Exellent gift.

"I love giving unusual and high-quality food gifts, and this olive oil is ideal. It makes an excellent gift for foodie friends, and I appreciate that it is produced in a sustainable and organic manner."

Leo T.


From The Grove
To Your Table.

Nothing But The Best.

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