Subscriptions and Limited Time Free Shipping On Orders Over $60!

Apr 06, 2023

Subscriptions and Limited Time Free Shipping On Orders Over $60!

Both of our ultra-premium oils - Laurel & Flame Fresh and Olympia PGI are limited edition oils. Truth is - good things often come in small numbers.

Laurel & Flame Fresh is made of a very rare olive variety, Tsabidolia, that only grows in Ancient Olympia. Even there a few years ago it was almost non-existent before the Karabelas family, the producer and owner of the The Olive Temple brand, decided it was worthy to cultivate and reintroduced it to Greece and the rest of the world.

Laurel & Flame Olympia PGI is a protected geographic indication oil grown and made exclusively in Ancient Olympia and also comes as limited edition.

For our customers who have already appreciated the taste and high quality of these two oils as well as our other oils including flavored ones we now offer an opportunity to SUBSCRIBE & SAVE to ensure they can enjoy our fine oils throughout the year until next harvest.

For those who have not chosen their favorites yet and would like to experiment with different tastes and flavors we offer limited-time free shipping on orders over $60 available at checkout.